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The Number 1 Landscape Rule You Need To Know!

Written By Grayson Smith

· How-To

Rule But Not A Rule

There are many rules that go into composing photos. The Rule of Thirds, using Manual Mode, always shoot sharp images... but you will begin to lose awesome opportunities. So what does 'break the rules' mean?

Take a look at the image below. The squirrel is in the direct center of the frame. Lots of photographers (at least those who have fathers that are critics) would think, 'why isn't the squirrel positioned in one of the thirds of the frame?' or 'There's not much color, it ruins it!'. Well guess what, if you see a cute squirrel sitting in the perfect pose for just a second, you wouldn't worry about all of those criticisms!

broken image

So, What Do You Do?

Anything. You don't have to shoot perfect shots every time with perfect color, perfect exposure, or perfect framing. Your landscape doesn't have to be exactly straight when shooting.

broken image

Awesome moments usually come to fast to think about all of the rules when shooting. It is important to understand that breaking the rules can sometimes be better than keeping them. Even if the exposure is to low or the horizon is crooked, you can always go to Photoshop, and fix it.

"Be yourself! Do what you want to do, your photography doesn't have to be set up by rules" - Anonymous Photographer